Rated R

Cast: Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In Killshot Mickey Rourke stars as Armand “Blackbird” Degas, a Native-American hit man for the mafia. The movie begins with a narration by Rourke, as his character is dreaming of a botched job that left his younger brother dead. He receives a call from the head of mafia explaining his next job, to kill his step-father. When Blackbird carries out the job he also kills the woman who snuck him into the house, because she saw his face, not realizing the woman he killed was the head of the mafia’s girlfriend. While in hiding Blackbird is held up by a troubled kid by the name of Richie Nix (Gordon-Levitt). Blackbird decides not to kill Richie because he reminds him of his younger brother and they soon become partners on a job to hit a real estate agency for some quick cash. Blackbird takes Richie under his wing and shows him the ropes, and lets him take the lead. The job falls through when they mistake the head of the company for Wayne Colson (Thomas Jane), and Wayne fights the two unsuspecting criminals off, while him and his wife Carmen (Diane Lane) catch a good glimpse of the two. The FBI intervenes after another encounter ensues when Blackbird approaches Carmen at her house, and while Richie attacks Wayne with a shotgun in a local convenient store. When the FBI realize who the suspects are they soon put Carmen and Wayne into the witness protection program. But are they being protected, or being used as Bait? As the two suspects lay low, trying to find the Colsen’s whereabouts, we are given a strong look at the marital problems the Colsen’s face, and when Wayne and Carmen finally look like they are in the clear, the real fun begins.

 Mickey Rourke does a great job portraying a lonely, cold blooded hit man, but was hard to pass off as a Native-American. Rourke shows that he is back on top of Hollywood and Killshot was a nice follow up to his critically acclaimed hit “The Wrestler”. Diane Lane shines once again and Thomas Jane shows he still has a lot of acting chops left in him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is at times extremely annoying, but it’s exactly what his role asks for, and Rosario Dawson rounds out the cast with an overall meaningless character.

Killshot is a good overall movie, with great acting and a lot of intensity. Go out and rent this movie if you want to enjoy a good movie.