This film is a mix between the prequel and sequel to Paranormal Activity. It starts off with Kristi Rey (Sprague Grayden) and her family bringing home the new baby, Hunter. They begin to hear strange noises but they pass it off as nothing. Grayden’s sister, Katie (Katie Featherson from Paranormal Activity) comes by to visit with her boyfriend, Micah (Micah Sloat) often. This is before Katie gets possessed and kills Micah. A couple of years later, the noises get louder and seem to aim towards Hunter. The family soon realize that their house is haunted when kitchen appliances are being thrown into the air and they hear voices and invisible footsteps. Kristi’s step daughter does research on the computer to see why the spirits are there. She discovers that if someone makes a deal with the Devil for personal gain than the Devil will take their son as payment. Down the family line, Kristi’s family all had girls, until now. Sooner or later, the spirits get hold of Kristi and she is comatose. Will she kill her family? What will happen to Hunter?


Well, I liked the film as a movie not as a documentary. Paranormal Activity was awesome because they lead me to believe the events happened for real. But with Paranormal Activity 2, it was obvious it was a movie. A couple examples, the film used a lot of loud noises to scare the audition, which is like horror 101, lame. The actors in the movie didn’t seem as natural as part one, it seemed like it they were scripted. There was a scene where Kristi’s husband goes looking for her in the basement and a demonic face appears on Kristi’s face. It obviously looked like special effects make-up. In part one, at the end when Katie’s face turns into a distorted face, it was believable. By the end of this movie, I really didn’t like that Kristi killed her husband the same way as Katie killed Micah, where’s the creativity? I would have to say that my views about this film would be higher if possessed Katie killed Hunter. I’m just saying, how can the Devil take his soul if he is still alive. So now what? Is possessed Katie going to raise Hunter in the suburns and teach him to do evil stuff? I love it when movie’s go out of the norm, such as Kick Ass with Chloe Grace Mortez visiously killing men twice her size. If the possessed Katie killed Hunter, it would have been a great ending. All in all, I would see this film again but would recommend watching part one first.