Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (2013)


“I have made a bunch of films that are about the post 9/11 world one way or another. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS felt like it was fresh and new and speaking to tomorrow” – Paul Greengrass

This is what the director who gave us THE BOURNE SUPREMACY &UNITED 93 amongst a few other great movies says about his collaborated Hanks venture ; CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Overwhelmed by the performances here I am starring into an abyss where my thoughts and emotions run riot on how to sum up this movie into words that would convince the reader that it is a must watch. Mustering the courage to hold back the waterworks as the final lines are delivered by Hanks I exhale trying to gain control.

Paul Greengrass has been around long enough to know the ropes of the trade and to manipulate the audience by reaching out and pulling us right into the center of where it all happens. To make one feel one with those on screen by tweaking the screenplay just right to balance the intensity without hovering too far from reality. This alone ensures the bio-drama stays afloat in the Somali Basin.

Based on the headlining Richard Phillips incident back in 2009 we witness the journey of American flagged Maersk Alabama leaving port from Salalah Oman and heading towards Mombasa Kenya around the horn of Africa through the Somali Basin. Stark Raving Mad performances by Tom Hanks and Barkhad Ali makes one feel that 134 minutes is too short for such a great display of talent. 5 time nominee and 2 time Oscar winner Hanks is in the zone with a performance of his life time Whilst the Somali- American star makes his debut mark in Hollywood with a show that has secured him a nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the AA on the 2nd March 2014. In an age where superheroes, spray-painted abs and fast cars have aided in making careers, Hanks can be considered one of the very few who walked this path playing roles of ordinary men by putting up extraordinary displays of diverse talent. These men literally play off each other’s talent in the cleverly written screenplay. While Hanks represent the humanity of all that takes place in the deep blue waters Ali’s portrayal of Muse will represent the distance humans will go through in order to survive in an environment that they did not chose to be born into. Muse isn’t the pirate we see in Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbosa. Instead Muse is the real deal. Muse cannot be read instead one will only keep staring wondering what will come next.


An encounter over the ocean like never witnessed before in a motion picture. There are no heroes onboard, instead just humans hiding behind their own fears trying to be brave. We are always right there with them on that ship ..on that lifeboat….


–          Best Motion Picture Of The Year

–          Best Performance by and Actor in a Supporting Role

–          Best Achievement in Film Editing

–          Best Achievement in Sound Mixing

–          Best Achievement in Sound Editing







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