The day that Pixar makes a bad movie will be the day that pigs literally sprout wings and fly. Upis one of those movies that defines the reason Pixar is still the best animation studio around. Ed Asner voices Carl Fredrickson, a lonely man whose wife has just passed away and is being forced from his home after accidentally assaulting a construction worker. He decides to rig a great number of balloons to his house and float away to the place where he and his wife once wanted to travel. He thinks he escapes from it all when an unexpected young lad named Russel gets caught in Carl’s house, leaving him to care for the Wilderness scout. The two encounter a huge storm, a gigantic bird, a talking dog, and Carl’s childhood hero who has changed over the years.

    The movie itself was a wonderful treat. The vibrant art of the film is something to awe over. This is one of Pixar’s finest films they have ever made. The opening montague is one of the most touching films in cinema history. I’m not going to say much, for the movie itself has some parts words cannot describe. This movie is powerful, funny, and ultimately stunning. I recommend this one for anyone who has a taste for Pixar magic. Overall, this movie is a true gum.

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