Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

The Midnight Meat Train is based on a short story by horror master himself Clive Barker.the film is based on an ambitious photographer played by Bradley Cooper from wedding crashers who for some reason to me has a name I can never remember but a face I can never forget is encouraged by his somewhat sexually harassing art dealer played by a very seductive Brooke Shields to get more captivating photos in order to make his mark in the business.  Taking her advice he sets out at night to capture the essence of the nightlife in the city but while doing so stumbles upon a murderous spree that dates back decades if not centuries and is buried deep beneath under the city in the subway systems of New York City. Leon Washington the photographer believes the murders and numerous missing people are linked to a butcher who rides the subways after midnight. While becoming consumed into solving the puzzle he unwillingly makes himself and the people that are closest to him pieces of the puzzle to.

I don’t remember this film even being in the theaters and if it was it surely was poorly promoted. Why Lionsgate films did such a poor job at promoting this movie is beyond me because this film would have appealed to a wide genre of moviegoers whether you love slasher movies or a gorefest or if you’re like me you like the horror movies that intertwine a realistic side to the story of something that could potentially happen.  This movie gives you all that and then some like the horror classics Halloween, Friday The 13th, and Carrie this movie definitely would have been a classic if it was released or released again around Halloween.

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  1. The film was pulled from its planned wide release as a result of a major attempt at Lionsgate to tone down its image as the House of Saw (you’ll notice that Lionsgate no longer puts out dime-store straight to DVD horror films). Because Lionsgate was contractually obliged to put the film in theaters, it went out in 100 theaters, many of them dollar theaters, before being shuffled off to DVD and Blu Ray. I suggest listening to the commentary for a detailed account of just what happened.

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