Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy DVD Review: Sex Drive

DVD Review: Sex Drive

Sex Drive

Staring Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, Clark Duke, James Madison, and Seth Green

Directed by Sean Anders

“He’s leaving virgin territory” is the tag line for this film.   Sex Drive is based on the book, All The Way by Andy Behrens.  This comedy follows Josh Zuckerman (Kyle XY), a high school senior through an adventurous cross-country trip to meet a girl he has met on the Internet.  The movie’s awkward situations one after another keep this movie’s laughs coming.

We start out by meeting Ian (Josh Zuckerman), the stereotypical lovable loser beleaguered by his own virginity.  Ian, who is awkward around women, can’t seem to find a break from his brothers to his job, finds ease in talking to a girl on the Internet.  Ian’s best friend Lance (Clark Duke), is the polar opposite, he is comfortable in his skin and well charmed with the ladies. Upon finding out about Ian’s Internet crush, Ms Tasty, Lance talks Ian into stealing his brother’s vintage 1969 GTO to meet up with her after the promise of sex.   From there we meet Felicia (Amanda Crew), Ian’s other friend who he secretly wants more than a friendship with.  She unfortunately tags along on the Ian’s sex trip as she thinks the trip is to visit Ian’s sick grandma.  The three head South where uproariously ensues.  Everything from partying with the Amish to participating in purity pledge with a twist at a Kentucky local county fair helps Ian figure out what he really wants.

Josh Zuckerman plays Ian’s lovable character to the point where you want the very best for the high school senior.  But this movie is about the supporting actors.  The supporting cast brings the movie from mediocrity to something much more. Duke Clark does a decent job playing the best friend and the over-the-top ladies man.  Amanda Crew gives a sweet but funny performance as Ian’s friend and love interest. James Madison absolutely steals every scene he is in playing Ian’s older brother, Rex, a younger brother’s worse nightmare. Seth Green is at his best as a sarcastic Amish man helping Ian and company through their road trip after the car breaks down.

Even though this movie did not do well at the box office, this teen sex comedy soared past my expectations.  Although this is a typical teen sex comedy, this comedy lightly stews in everything from raunchy-gross comedy to awkward comedy in a flawless fit.  This film is a must see for fans of the American Pie series or the recent Superbad, and a pleasant surprise for anyone.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

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