Yes Man

Yes Man (starring Jim Carrey) is a comedy/romance comedy directed by Peyton Reed. Jim Carrey stars as Carl, his best friend Peter is played by Bradley Cooper ,and the woman Carl falls in love with (Allison) is played by Zooey Deschanel.

This was a good Carrey movie to me. I mean usually when you go see a Jim Carrey movie you expcet him to do funny faces and act, well, really weird. But in Yes Man we don’t see as much of Carreys funny faces but we see him being very very funny without it, and of course he brings drama and romance into this film. So basically Carl (Jim Carrey) is a party pooper, loser, no fun, not helpful, and sometimes mean and rude. He has worked at a bank for 2 years and is fine with what he does. After Missing his best friends (Peter) engagement party Peter tells Carl he is wasting his life and going to be lonely. The next day at work Carl is approached by an old friend Nick (John Michael Higgins) and he tells Carl he has been all across the world living life. He tell carl his life has changed because he went to an empowerment program where he says yes to everything. Then Carl goes and tells Nick he might just do it. And it begins when a homeless man asks Carl for a ride home, and of course he says YES. And then its like a chain reaction. He drove the homeless guy so far he had to go get gas, when he went to go get gas a girl gave him a ride and they kissed, the next day a man was telling people to go see his band (Carl usually says no to him but to day he said yes), so he went to go see they band and the girl he met the day before  (Allison) was the singer.

I loved the screenplay of this movie how every time he said yes something would lead to another good thing and another good thing, but when he said no something bad would happen. And then when the CIA pieced together everything Carl was doing it looked like he was a terrorist,  which was funny.

 And I loved who they picked out for this movie ,Jim Carrey, I mean he fitted in to this character great. Zooey Deschanel, she is so freakin beautiful and her part in this movie was awesom i mean she brought laughs and drama in to this movie. Also Danny Masterson played a friend of Carls named Rooney, and i am a big fan of Danny so it was pretty awesome that he was in this movie.

So all in all Yes Man is a good comedy movie. The only thing i wish was that it was longer. i mean i felt like there could be more to it. But still is an amazing movie so go watch it!

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  1. Yes Man shined down on the big screen with an everyday persons’ real life. Jim Carrey portayed the average frustrated and lonely american and that is what makes this movie stand out from Jim carrey’s previous movies.

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