Oceans 11

Stars, Style, Sophistication, and Suspense Oceans 11 has it all, based on the 1960s film starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, directed by Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh (Best Director 2000 for Traffic). Oceans 11 is a comedic, dramatic film about 2 friends who work and bond together to achieve the impossible in a way never imagined before. Set in modern day Las Vegas and starring many of Hollywood’s elite including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia. Meet Daniel “Danny” Ocean (George Clooney) a smart and newly released criminal who was arrested for theft. He has a plan to get back all he has lost when he went to prison. With Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) a bored former accomplice and friend who now fills his time by teaching movie stars to play poker they are both itching to get back into the game. Together they plan to rob 3 Las Vegas casinos a feat which has never been achieved before. Along with their 9 accomplices (Oceans 11) all who have a range of special skills a pickpocket, a backer, a blackjack dealer, a grease man, a bomb expert, and hacker, a high roller and the drivers. What could go wrong?? Enter the target, Casino Owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) “a machine” he is always in control of everything in his hotels “where there is always someone watching”. They describe him “as smart as he is ruthless”. The main thing Danny lost that he wants back is his ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts) only one problem; she is now dating Terry Benedict. The whole ensamble of the cast work great together. With the casting of George Clooney and Brad Pitt you expect to get a great movie but what you may not expect is the hilarious bond between them. The chemistry the characters have in this movie is a huge part of its success, they honestly know what the other is thinking most the time, they finish each other’s sentences they can also have full conversations with only a couple of words, they really are the glue that holds this film together “Danny to Rusty: Ted Nugent called he wants his shirt back”. Another performance that is superb is Andy Garcia you really believe his portrayal of the hated Casino Owner. His stoic and unfeeling personality really doesn’t make you feel bad about the possibility of him being robbed. The writing is also what takes the film to a whole other level. They go into such intricate detail about everything that actual people would do to make this work. They know how to write everyone’s special skills to make this whole “job” possible. They even made up names for the cons that they will be using a Boeski, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy and an Ella Fitzgerald. What is really great is that even though the underlying tone of the film is dramatic they also were able to write the script and most of the themes comedic to give it a lighter feel/touch. When the police are talking to Danny at the beginning about why he stole in the first place, the scene is serious he says it was because his wife left him and he lost it, they said if released who he lose it again he says “she already left me once. I doubt she’ll do it again just for kicks. This film deserves all the praise and award nominations that it received it has a spectacular cast that all really work superb together to make this film as extremely enjoyable as it is. This film actually makes you root for the thieves’ and dislike the person they are stealing from. This is a suitable movie for everyone who enjoys movies about friendship that can make the impossible, possible. It ends with peaceful music and all of them standing in front of a fountain and you really get a sense of the comradery between them. I recommend his film to everyone it will be a great night out

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  1. two definate thumbs up =) three if i could.. – for the movie and the review that is. good work! movie is also amazinggg

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