So the Tween romance hit Twilight comes out on DVD in two days. I saw it in theatres and am going to offer my review before it comes out. I am a fan of the books. I do not think they are a literary classic and I know one day will fall into obscurity but they are a fun read. That being said I have long quit comparing book based films to their paper predacesors. Few book to movie films ever live up to the original print. I base this movie strictly as a movie with the exception of how well they played the original character.

So for starters, the scenery for the movie was wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better small, cloudy back water town that was shown in the film. Stephanie Meyer’s original descriptions fit very well for the area.

The portrayal of Edward by Robert Pattinson was much too dark for the original character. I think he did a good job however, given the script the producers chose. Fellow vampires, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed pulled off their  characters flawlessly. I can’t say much for Kellen Lutz or Jackson Rathbone as they didn’t have many lines or screen time. Although, I have to say that Rathbone’s makeup and hairstyle had me singing, “My Friends” from “Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” because he reminded me so much of Depp’s character. Peter Fancilli and Billy Burke also did well. Taylor Lautner did fairly well as Jacob but seemed uncomfortable, he also seemed a bit old for the role. Out of all the characters it was Kristen Stewart’s shoddy performance which stole the whole show. In the novel, the it’s the vampires who are described to be stone like, Stewart’s whole two expressions mimiced that description throughly.

 As stated, I wasn’t impressed with the makeup. More often than not, close up’s of the vampire characters showed warm fleshy patches ruining their undead characters. Also, where the makeup artists got the idea for the big coif style hairdos they gave to Edward, Carlisle and Jasper it was a big mistake. I spent the majority of the movie wondering how many object I could throw and get to stay there before they noticed. Also, the glittering of Edward’s skin. I thought it looked unnatural, unflattering, and most of all, cheap. It could’ve done much better. The music for the film wasn’t much better. Bella’s lullaby was not nearly as sweet as it should have been and some of the music was out of place.

Now on to the screen play. It’s been a long time that I sat and watched such a bad screen play. They touched on the important scenes from the book but botched a lot of important areas like the kissing scene and the car wreck. The fight scene at the end, while most arguably the best scene in the whole film was too long and overly artistic at the end. Once again the awful special effects and music ruined it. The almost Captain Kirk way of speaking leaves this film open for the guys over at Riff Trax to have a field day with this film. I know my friends and I did.

Honestly, I spent $6.50 and it was worth every penny to make fun of this film. I wouldn’t watch this film again for a homage to a fun book. I’d watch it to make even better jokes at it’s expense. 

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