The Lone Ranger

The latest movie vying for the number one spot as a summer blockbuster is The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.  Directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the same team that brought you Pirates of the Caribbean, this film has seen its share of the bad reviews from many critics who have hated this movie.  Given it no more than one star for example, but as for someone who just got out of seeing the movie, I have to say that these critics are taking themselves and this movie way too seriously.  Now admittedly I am a die hard Pirates of the Caribbean fan and to me Johnny Depp can do no wrong, but this is a good movie, not a Man of Steel or a Star Trek Into Darkness, but it is a solid movie nonetheless.  Not only does Johnny Depp not over act, but I think that he is pitch perfect as the Lone Ranger’s sidekick Tonto.  He is inventive and hilarious and shows that he can play any part you put in front of him.  Depp totally rules, Tonto is right up there with Captain Jack Sparrow.  Armie Hammer is a relative newcomer, but plays his part beautifully as the Lone Ranger.  He personifies all the good that makes the Lone Ranger the hero that he is.  His good looks and great acting make a powerful combination.  Speaking of combinations, the chemistry between these two make the movie, Depp and Hammer play two very different characters that must work together to find justice.

In The Lone Ranger, Tonto recounts the story of how John Reid, a man who believes in justice and the law transforms into a legend of justice.  Reid becomes a Texas Ranger after being deputized by his brother to go into the Indian Territory and capture outlaw Butch Cavendish.  While on their manhunt Reid and his brother Dan are ambushed and John watches his brother die at the hands of Cavendish, a surly and unattractive man who has gotten a taste for human flesh and blood.  After being left for dead and returning from the “other side”, Tonto helps Reid become the Lone Ranger and aids him on his journey for justice for his brother’s death.  While hunting down Cavendish, the Lone Ranger and Tonto uncover a plot that involves the burgeoning new railroad as it heads west and the fragile peace that is held with the Comanche Indians.  Caught up in the middle of the situation are Dan’s wife and John’s former sweetheart Rebecca and her son Danny.

The Lone Ranger is a thrilling ride filled with strong performances delivered by some of Hollywood’s best character actors.  Butch Cavendish is brought to life by William Fichtner, who you may remember from The Dark Knight Rises and Armageddon.  He is full of grit and plays a great villain.  Tom Wilkinson, from The Patriot (the one with Mel Gibson) and Shakespeare in Love, plays one of the heads of the railroad that is carving it’s way across the nation.  I cannot tell you much more about this character or I would be giving too much away.  Just know that he does a superior job as Cole.  And a review of the Lone Ranger would not be complete without mentioning the lovely Helena Bonham Carter who plays a madam named Red.  The Lone Ranger has just the right combination of ingredients to make it a summer movie worth seeing.  From the light em up action scenes, to the right mix of comic relief, to the music of Hans Zimmer, The Lone Ranger has that something special that made Pirates of the Caribbean a hit.  And that something special should entice you to become a fan as well.  So go check it out, I think that you will not be disappointed.

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