Other than the 3D aspect this movie has absolutely nothing going for it.

I now have two films already on my worst of 2009 list, The Unborn and now My Bloody Valentine. Really there is not a whole lot to the plot. Basically in a small town a mine collasped and killed all of the workers except for one. Everyone blames him for the killings and years later he gets his revenge. He kills many innocent teens down in the mines but ends up getting killed. Now 10 years later everyone has tried to forget what happened on that night. Soon enough people start getting killed by a guy dressed in a miners uniform. Everyone assumes it’s the same guy from before but their are suspicions that it could either be the town sheriff (Kerr Smith) or the guy who was almost killed 10 years ago (Jensen Ackles). No matter who it is the outcome is not a good one for either.

This movie couldn’t even live up to the low hype that was built up for it. I didn’t expect much from this but I thought maybe I would be wrong and this would be a horror movie that actually scared me, I was wrong there. Every performance in this movie was atrocious. Jensen Ackles, Kerr Smith, Jaime King, Besty Rue, Edi Gathegi, Tom Atkins, just everyone gives a really bad performance which is pretty common in horror movies but not for the entire cast. This had a bad story and is not the right movie to bring a date too believe me.

Overall this is definitely better than the garbage that was The Unborn, but this is still one of the worse horror movies to come out and just keeps me thinking will there ever be another good horror movie anytime soon? If studios keep making movies like these then the answer is a definite no.