Meet the Spartans

Watching the spoof comedy Meet the Spartans,  I was reminded of an episode of the old cartoon, Beavis and Butthead.  In the episode, Butthead talked about music that should be in the “crap” section of the music store.  This is the type of movie that would belong in the “crap” section at the movie store.

Meet the Spartans is a direct spoof of the film 300, and any other movie that came out in 2007 or late 2006.  It stars Sean Magiure (The Dukes) as King Leonidas as he tries to protect Sparta from the wrath of King Xerexs, played by Ken Daviation (Borat).  The film is basically a series of random jabs at figures in pop culture, set to the story of 300. Whether it be Shrek or Spider-Man, or from Donald Trump to Sanjaja, no one is safe from parody in this jumble of a movie.

The movie is very hit and miss on the laughs, favoring the miss side.  The movie is at it’s funniest when it just sticks to making fun of 300.  But when it shifts to making fun of, say Paris Hilton, it falls flat.  Hell, the “deleted scenes” playing during the credits are funnier that 90 percent of the film.  It’s a perfect companion to the other parodies provided by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Epic Movie), which would fill the shelves of the “crap” section at the video store as well.

Here in early 2009, most of the gags are already stale, so I can only imagine how unfunny it will be in 5-10 years time.  Parodies such as Young Frankenstein and Airplane have proved that this genre of film can stand the test of time, but Meet the Spartans exposes it as a one trick pony.  The film, like most of those parodied, has a shelf life of about 15 minutes, and it’s time has already come, and gone.

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  1. This was a horrible attempt at a spoof movie, as most of the recent crop have been. Not since the Naked Gun movies has there been a truly funny spoof movie where the jokes work whether you’ve seen the films or not.

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