One Hour Photo

Robin Williams gives his best and scariest performance of his career in One Hour Photo.

Williams stars as Sy Parrish, a very lonely but very smart grocery store photo clerk. He has been developing the Yorkin families photos for years. He’s watched their so, Jake, grow up ever since he was a baby. He builds an obsession for the family over the years. Sy makes an extra set of copies each time they bring their photos to get developed and he puts the extra sets up in his apartment to feel like he is apart of their family. When Sy’s boss Bill, Gary Cole, fires him Sy loses all control and tries to break up the family. When that doesn’t work he goes to great lengths to make sure that their family is broken up for good.

The movie moves at a somewhat slow pace but that is a good thing because it gives the story more depth and adds more tension to the movie. The movie is very chilling and is downright terrifying because this is something tha could actually happen in real life. This is without a doubt the creepiest and most chilling movie I have ever seen.

Robin Williams gives a scary and brilliant performance. This is definitely one of his better roles and really makes the movie what it is. Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartin both give good roles as the Yorkins. They seem like your typical family and they both do a nice job of making it all seem real. Eriq La Salle and Gary Cole both give decent performances as well in their short time onscreen.

Overall this is one great thriller and deserved to have a wider audience. Williams should have gotten a Golden Globe or some award for his performance. Either way I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller or just enjoys a good movie.

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  1. It boggles my mind that you could call that Robin Williams’ best performance of his career or, for that matter, be at all excited about this boring and contrived film.

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