The Strangers

This movie stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.  It is an hour and twenty-five minutes long and is rated R mostly for intense violence and some language.

A newlywed couple try to have a nice romantic evening and are disrupted by a homicidal group of strangers.  The couple (Tyler and Speedman) have no clue why these people, one man and two women, have invaded their lives and are trying to hurt them.  The masked strangers toy with the couple, leading them to hide, seperate and to harm a close friend.  They destroy the couples lives and then they set out to destroy the couple.  Both Tyler and Speedman make attempts to foil the strange killers, but in the end their efforts seem futile as the strangers come closer and closer to causing them death.  Some will live and some will die, all because they “were home”.

Visually interesting this movies scenery sets the setting for the movie.  A lone house on a dusty road with no neighbors, the homocidal strangers found the perfect house to invade.  Trees and a creepy barn add to the scenery.  When the movie begins picking up steam and an earlier character returns the destruction becomes a little more obvious and adds even further to the creepy element this movie attempts to hold.  The acting by Liv Tyler is well done and a different jump for all those who loved her int he Lord of the Ring trilogy.  She is fearfull and scared in all the right places and complacent in the ones she needs to be complacent in.  Of course after saying all of these nice things I must now say what I really thought of the movie.

I thought this movie was pretty bad.  The premise is like one of a million other movies, killers killing because they can and because you are available.  This reminds me of a million other movies like The House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Friday the 13th.  They all have killers who kill randomly because the person they are killing was in the wrong place at the right time.  However most of those movies were interesting and the killers made sense, a homicidal family who kill for fun, a homicidal family who might have been brought on by insest and a killer who is ressureccted for no reason (yes even Jason is more interesting).  These killers aren’t evne that scary to me.  The “scary” scenes used too many startling scare tactics – people jumping out, people looking in windows, things making loud noises, it wasn’t scary.  In fact most of the scenes in the movie were obvious and you knew what scary thing was going to happen next. 

Boring and pointless this movie could be skipped.  No matter that the beautiful Liv Tyler is in this movie, it isn’t interesting enough to stay watching, even though it has some interesting scenes.  Not enough of a draw to watch the rest of the movie, it is too random and the viewer really doesn’t care what happens to the victims or the killers, especially since from the beginning of the movie you know what the end of the movie is going to be like. 

Don’t see it, and if you already have I am sure you suffer from the same watcher’s regret that I do, maybe we should start a support group.  Anyone who has seen this movie, or any of the following Dead Silence, I Know Who Killed Me, Sunshine, or The Happening to name a few.  Skip it, watch something better.

2 thoughts on “The Strangers”

  1. I agree, the movie was horrible and I wish I could get those 2 hours back. The ending left no explanation for the audience which frustrated me and also I found out it’s not even based on true events like it said. The beginning of the review sounded as if you enjoyed the movie which would have really thrown me off but then you change the review to a negative, a bit confusing but ok.

  2. This movie was terrible!
    It wasn’t creepy at all. The idea of it was creepy but that was all…the idea.
    The only thing I did like about the movie is that it didn’t end how I would have predicted. I don’t want to give away the ending but I was pretty surprised by it.
    But I have found that a lot of films are doing that lately. They want to be edgy and unpredictable so they end in a way that isn’t expected. But now that a lot of films are ending the opposite way…it is expected and no longer shocking.

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