Bangkok Dangerous

A remake by the same directors that brought the original.  The film stars Nicholas Cage as a hitman sent to Bangkok to take out a few mob members.  Along the way he meets a young deaf Pharmacist, who he becomes attracted to.  Her innocence brings out his own feelings of guilt, and he slowly starts to fall away from his duties. 

I watched the original about a year ago, and to compare these two movies, would be only comparing their setting.  Everything that was good about the original was lacking in this remake.  Cage’s character in the original was deaf, and in this one, the woman he falls for instead is deaf.  I know it may not necessarily seem like a big change, but the ending of the original was much more powerful.  The character goals are flawed because of this.  No one accomplishes anything that they set out to do.  I assume having a different screenwriter and editor for the film made this remake almost unbearable to finish.  As far as the direction, it is a better “Nicholas Cage” movie that has been released in quite some time.  Not much to make up for films like Wicker Man, Next, and Ghost Rider. 

I STRONGLY urge the fact that they should have never change his character to a speaking role. 

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