Sukiyaki Western Django

A new film by Takashi Miike. The story has two main gangs living in a small town knowing of “pot of gold”. Neither gang will leave until they have found the treasure. A stranger comes to the town to offer his services to which ever gang will offer more of the earnings.

If you’re a Miike fan, this film will not disappoint. His constant genre switching attributes make him one of the most versatile directors around. The main concern is story. Basically, there isn’t much. The violence and choreography throughout the film does make up for this. Miike might just be trying to prove that story isn’t always the most important (Which it is), but also that you can take the audience out of it until the end, when everyone is asking what was it about? I have enjoyed Audition and Ichi the Killer, and this one didn’t disappoint.

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  1. It’s nice to find another person who has seen Sukiyaki Western Django (besides the people I forced to watch it with me, and my art professor). However, I do not quite follow some places in your review. Would you be kind enough to clarify them for me, if you have the time? When you say that the main concern is story, do you mean that the main issue that may be wrong with the film is the story, or do you mean that Miike’s main concern is the story? Also, I was wondering if you would expound on your idea that the story is the most important part of the film. I’m more of the school that holds that film is a visual art, primarily, and the story is the channel by which the visuals are displayed (such as Jan Svankmajer’s works, or the Quay Brothers, or Eraserhead by David Lynch). I would be interested in hearing your artistic theory in regard to story-dominant film, if you have time. Otherwise, happy film viewing!

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