I put Resident Evil in the Horror category because it belongs there more than any other, although in reality it belongs in Science Fiction.  This movie stars Mila Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez.  It is rated R mostly for violence and language.  It is an hour and 41 minutes. 

This movie is about a woman named Alice who works for this company which is working to evolve DNA and genetics.  Somehow a sample is released into the air and it kills all who are in the office, which is actually an underground station.  The station seals off and Alice finds herself in the midst of Zombies and mutant dogs who want to kill and eat her.  Alice herself works in the company, but her memory has been altered and she hasn’t a clue what the heck happened.

This movie is pretty intense.  The action scenes are fast paced and thrilling.  The effects are great, and you believe that the attack dogs are undead.  The character of Alice is fun and really makes you interested in seeing her story through to the end.  As a sci-fi movie this deals a lot with DNA and changing the genetic code, and as a horror movie this has enough zombies and gore to satisfy.  The story holds itself and the end screams sequel.  Even the love between Alice and the brother of a worker makes some sense.

The problem with this movie is that it so obviously set up the sequel.  I am all for sequels on movies that are character driven, because people want more of that one character, so good for them.  Yet, it was so obvious that this was going to have a sequel.  Which it does In Resident Evil: Apocalypse. 

Sci-fi fans and horror fans will both enjoy this movie.  Especially with the resergance of the zombie genre, I think this movie has a place today.