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Friday the 13th (2009)

Horror films tend to go in cycles.  They go from monsters, to psychological, to slasher, then ghosts, and then turned to torture.  Now Hollywood seems to be remaking everything from the past and hoping new audiences will fall for the same jolts all over, which is fine by me!

Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, remake) brings Jason Voorhees back to the screen in the relaunch of the hit 80’s franchise, Friday the 13th.  The film follows the mythology perfectly starting with the death of Jason’s mom, then moving on to Jason killing for revenge.  The plot is really simple, kids who have sex and do drugs, die in creative ways by a mutated freak named Jason at Crystal Lake.  What more would you really want from a Friday the 13th film?

Lately horror remakes seem to be all the rage in Hollywood.   Some of the remakes like the Hitcher, have been pretty good.  They don’t reinvent the wheel, just freshen up an old tale meant to scare.  But some remakes like Rob Zombie’s Halloween are so bad, they stain the original.  Luckily, Friday the 13th, stays true to it’s roots.  It gives the audience what it wants, a few jolts and the nostalgia of seeing Jason kill again.  While “Asian horror” and “torture porn” have seem to run their course, slasher movies always find a way to maintain a level of a freshness others can’t compare to.  The 12th chapter of Friday the 13th doesn’t bring anything new to the series, but it definitely injects new blood for a new audience.  Jason may kill college kids the same way, but it never gets stale.  The machete hacks and slashes just as always, and we will always root for the kill.

In a world of real horror like a crumbling economy, it’s great to escape to a good old fashion slasher movie.  Movies like this are why I fell in love with the cinema (although I’ll always like Freddy more).  13th won’t give you any revelations on life, or any real substance other than the popcorn you eat.  But isn’t that why we go to the movies?  To enter a different world, even a world as dangerous as Crystal Lake?  Can’t wait for a remake of Jason X, Jason in space! I know I’ll be there!

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  1. I would have to agree with E. Johnson, Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th was an outstanding view for slasher fans alike. I don’t believe that Jason was the killer in Sean S. Cunningham’s original 1980 verion of the movie (Which was also actor Kevin Bacon’s first movie), it was his mother, seeking revenge on the sex crazed, drugged up camp counselors who neglected to hear young Jason’s cries for help, leaving him to drown in Crystal Lake. Jason did not take over for dear old mom until Steve Miner’s 1982 Movie Friday the 13th part 2. The 2009 version did recap that Jason’s mother was indeed killed off, however the kids in the movie weren’t camp counselors, they were just a group of kids looking for a place to hang out and have some teenage fun. What made this film more interesting is that Jason went from walking as he chased his victims(as he did in the original), to running, for the simple fact that the chase is more realistic when running is involved. This is a definite must see for any Slasher fan.

  2. I want to stand corrected before someone else catches me on it. Kevin Bacon’s first film was indeed Animal House and not Friday the 13th. Also Friday the 13th Part 2 was a 1981 film not 1982, a little typo there.

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