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Dane Cook Is a Jerk in My Best Friend’s Girl



See it. Okay, see it if you like crude humor mixed with romantic comedy. I know strange right? I’m not the biggest fan of Dane Cook’s movies but I think he’s found his gift. The jerk.  


Cook plays “Tank” a man who’s a customer service rep for an air purifier company by day and a jerk-for-hire by night. Men pay him to go on a date with their ex-girlfriends. His job? To make the date so horrible the ex will run back to her former boyfriend. When his best friend Dustin (Jason Biggs), hires Tank to go out with his ex Alexis (Kate Hudson), Tank finds himself developing feelings for the one girl that’s off limits to him.


Sound conventional? Sound like you’ve seen this before? Well, you have and you haven’t. The great thing about this movie is that for all its trite trappings, it still manages to be fresh, interesting and funny. The humor is crude. From an inappropriately timed “A rabbi and a priest” joke, to one really funny, if not somewhat far-fetched customer service call from Alexis, My Best Friend’s Girl is entertaining. It takes skill to make a romantic comedy not feel like the same old thing and this movie does that.


Dane Cook is the jerk for the new millennium. As Tank, he’s got it all. The devilish good looks, the humor and blunt honesty that tells women I want to sleep with you, but you’re not a person to me outside of that. And the women sleep with him. I’m a woman, and I laughed because I know men like this, I know women who will sleep with a guy like that. They say they know what he is, they respect him for his honesty and they want to get laid. End of story. My point is that the movie rings true.


Kate Hudson is as cute as ever as Alexis. She makes her character less than 100% likeable, which makes her even more believable. Even though Alexis isn’t completely innocent, I understood why she does the things she does and didn’t hate her for it. The same can be said for Jason Biggs’ character. Dustin comes off a bit stalkerish, but not in a creepy way. More in a love-sick-puppy way. He’s cute and you feel bad for him once things go down. Alex Baldwin is also enjoyable here. But he’s The Baldwin, what else could you expect?


My best friend’s girl is rated R for language, crude humor and one nude scene. If you enjoy crude humor give it a shot. You won’t be sorry.




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