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The Greatest Movie Twists Ever

1. The Sixth Sense
2. The Usual Suspects
3. Primal Fear
4. The Others
5. Passengers
6. No Way Out
7. Sunshine
8. Saw
9. The Empire Strikes Back
10. Fight Club
11. Identity
12. Psycho (1960)
13. Twelve Monkeys
14. Se7en
15. The Devil’s Advocate
16. Donnie Darko
17. Vanilla Sky
18. American Psycho
19. Memento
20. Fallen
21. Gothika
22. The Descent
23. Soylent Green
24. Frailty
25. The Prestige
26. Arlington Road
27. Swimming Pool
28. Crash: Sidenote: In this movie, every single one of the stories had a massive twist. A must-see
29. The Blair Witch Project
30. Chinatown

All of these movies are either fantastic or have great endings. THEY ARE ALL MUST-SEES.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Movie Twists Ever”

  1. You should leave a brief description beside each one, perhaps a synopsis or where the twist occurs. Just by listing the movies like that to someone who hasn’t seen them really doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Mr. Brooks was much better than I expected, but Dane Cook’s terribly-casted ass kept it from being great. And yes, I recently saw Diabolique and thought it was great.

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