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The Sleep Room (1998)

 This is a film whose message and significance to us all begs a revisit for the reasons that retrospect now affords us. Many astute reviews have been given, but without such retrospect and even at the time of its first run, reviewers that graced it needed far more perspective than their circumstances seemed to allow. Although dealing with facts and documentation of those facts, its dramatization (as the opening notice states) is very lightly a fictionalization, but only to include romance, only to strike a chronology no pure documentary would provide.

MK-Ultra is an insidious part of history, acknowledged even by the agencies of the government that helped conduct its devastating experiments upon hapless victims throughout North America. The minimizing of its extent and, perhaps, even purpose, will never be known unless the tide of obsessive secret keeping allowed government agencies in most countries of the world today is disallowed the criminals that abuse it.

This movie will show you just a few of the aspects with which such atrocities, practiced all the way up the chain of command, are conducted: and how, through national security classification, crimes against the innocent can be systematically covered up. Even by the intelligence agency of one government on the witnesses of another.

At the time this movie was made, various electronic firms quite brazenly advertised psychotronic devices on the internet, complete with their claims of what each would do, and offering money-back guarantees if they didn’t perform up to expectation. OPENLY! Today they don’t. Treasured viewer, ask yourself, why. Perhaps, you might think, it’s because some progress has been made in protecting a citizen’s rights from such intrusions. But then, that would put the industry out of business, wouldn’t it? That’s far from being the case. Not only do government/military interests need them in the area of its Non-Lethal Weaponry project research, corporate sabotage and surveillance requires them even more.

They just went underground with the same inducement the rest of secret-keeping czars have, to hide from perspective victims any warning of what they plan for YOU.

What is this brave new perspective to be gathered now in retrospect and to better reveal the significance of, The Sleep Room? Scrambling minds (de-patterning) various forms of acute deprivation (centering) and extreme repetitions (self-hypnosis) are costly and unnecessary if the intention is to simply “brainwash”. No, there’s more to it than that, much more. Something that can provide the Bourne trilogy with a whole new dimension of interpretation…something that can grant the clarity nothing but penetrating to the truth may. Otherwise, simply requiring your victims to watch something like I Love Lucy episodes every day for a few weeks will suffice just fine.

And the acknowledgment of this alone will grant the viewer a great deal more intense empathy with this film’s characters that will cast the oft used descriptions of them (by reviewers) as “lunatics” in the light of disfavor the reviewer enjoys. Their struggles to cope are magnificent once understood in this light and the superb acting of Nicol Cavendish as, Ruth Farmer, is a superb example.

For this is the supreme value of the film, expressed metaphorically…that we must, in order to know clarity with trends whose implementations are kept secret from us, examine very carefully each and every aspect offered, expressly untainted by the bias status quo may impose.  Without this penetration we are the hapless victims of our own incredulity, something that can be played to the hilt by those that have learned from exacting horror on our neighbors how to drive us so far into our own skulls we see only what we wish. Manufacturing the implausible for entertainment simply because we fear the plausible more.

This, my dear viewer, is Mind Control achieved, forget the meaningless diversion planted in the use of “brain-washing”.

Other reviews can give you more details…all unnecessary if you will see the movie. This review has just taken up where all the others have “left off”.

You’re welcome.

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