Repo Men

Imagine a world where you don’t have to wait on a registered organ donor to pass away in order for you to replace that failing kidney/ organ.  Well in Repo Men this is made possible through a company (The Union) that sells artificial organs(artiforgs) and if you default on a payment, someone from the company is sent to repossess their property. What is mind-blowing about the repossession process is that you are cut open and it is not The Union’s responsibility what happens to you afterwards. You inevitably die, ironically this is not considered murder.

The movie is set in the near future and I think the writing is genius because we can relate to the subject matter in our everyday lives. Be it a new house or car, there is that slight possibility we can lose it due to some unforeseen contingency, like the loss of our job. The movie is directed by  Miguel Sapochnik, starring Jude Law (Remy), Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker(Jake), and their boss Liev Schreiber(Frank), who played a CIA agent in the espionage thriller ‘Salt’. Remy and Jake are best friends, they grew up together and are colleagues/partners at The Union. They pretty much did everything together and had a saying, “A job’s a job,” which is later on put to the test in the course movie. Run time is approximately one hour and fifty minutes.

I think the score was exceptional. The movie has a  mixture of its own score, and also features songs from popular artists. There is a fine blend of hip hop, electronic music and alternative rock which sets the tone for the scene in case.

Later in the course of the movie, Jude Law’s wife is tired of his job and gives him an ultimatum, to choose between his family and job. He decides to do one last job which ends up reversing his role from being the hunter to the hunted. He runs into a young talented musician he had watched perform once by the name of Beth(Alice Braga). She could not keep up with the payments of her ‘artiforgs’ and was hiding from  the Repo Men. Jude Law takes it upon himself to look after her, towards the end of the movie, which is kind of his way of freeing himself of the guilt of his job over the years. In order to clean his and Beth’s profiles’ out of the main system database, they give us the audience something I have never seen; the cutting open of the body is portrayed in such a sensual, intimate, and orgasmic manner instead of your typical gore. There is a twist in the movie that I think will leave a lot of audiences with mixed emotions.

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  1. I must say, I thought this movie was a good one…Finally a movie with an unexpected outcome, because I never saw it coming. I love Jude Law, he is great to watch. As a woman, who loves bloody movies and thrillers I give this 4 out of 5 stars. I liked the music also….it was a great movie!!!

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