The true story of how four fearless photojournalists risk life and limb, and go to extremes to capture the perfect photo during the downfall and final days of the Apartheid in South Africa.

Director Steven Silver writes and directs this drama based on a true story, that follows the lives of four photojournalists who during the Apartheid, took daring photos of the horrific events in South Africa. Roughly based on the autobiography¬†“The Bang Bang Club: Snapshots of a Hidden War”, which was co-written by Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva, who are both part of the four member photojournalist group dubbed “The Bang Bang Club”.

Ryan Philippe, Taylor Kitsch, Frank Rautenbach, and Neels Van Jaarsveld star as photojournalists working within the townships of South Africa, and Malin Ackerman is Robin Comley, the groups editor of photos.

A pretty okay drama, and a good big screen film for director Steven Silver. A photojournalists film. Beyond the chaos and death, is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, and the so called “Bang Bang Club” were always tagging along in the face of danger. The director manages to document the events convincingly. Its pretty much from start to finish, scenes of the four photojournalists rushing into the South African war zone and snapping away. Its based on a true story, and that’s always a plus in my book. The story is intriguing and pretty much hooks you from beginning to end.