“Even the bad exist in the world, it can be identified by the shadow following it” quoted in the movie by G.one the good one played by Sharukh khan. Ra.one directed by Anubhav sinha (famous for Tum bin and Dus) has taken a science fiction movie in hand. With screenwriter, David Benullo and Kanikka Dhillon , he participated in it, and crafted the movie which is first ever attempted science fiction movie, in Bollywood.


The plot in the movie belongs to the gaming people. Those who are mad for video games need to concentrate on the movie. For those, who do not care about video games, can just avoid the storyline. Shekhar (sharukh khan) is a game developer and also a father to Prateek(Armaan). His wife Sonia(Kareena Kapoor) looks like a stenographer in the movie. His son always wanted to make villains stronger than heroes, and hence shekhar creates a game that fulfills his son’s wish. He called the game as Ra.One. The main bad guy in the movie, called as Ra.One and the good one called the G.one. His son likes the game and starts playing. Meanwhile he suddenly interrupts the game. Now the game cannot be stopped and it must be continued or the player will be killed in the real world. So the character comes out using HART( similar to iron man ), and tracks user called as Lucifer. Suddenly tragedy strikes and a cat and mouse chase begins. To protect Lucifer, comes G.one into the real world and the battle vs G.one and Ra.one begins. G.one keeps a promise and struggles harder to save Lucifer. But Ra.one is much stronger than imaginable. Can G.one defeat Ra.one is all about?


Plot development is linear for the first few minutes. Then after a while, the plot deviates and family story enters into the movie. The screenwriters have lost focus or may be they have taken  some rest in the bed, until they wake up, movie goes very sluggishly. Once they wake up, after they found that movie has taken a long time, they force some action sequences and gaming arena where the battle for do or die occurs. The first half of the movie kept the interest and also was flowing smoothly. Once G.one entered the scenario, I thought that everything was perfect. But after first half, screenwriters have lost interest or probably Anubhav sinha , brought in the sentimental elements and also certain unwanted humors to disturb the storyline. When probably, David Benullo woke up, he said enough of your Indian storyline, it is time for some serious science fiction backdrop. Now movie enters back into life and ends like that. Overall plot development is weak.


Character development in the movie is good. Sharukh khan is a nerd and also a caring father for his son. He is a game developer and fulfills his son’s wish. He also plays as G.one the superhero who can run faster, walk on trains side wise, and also do certain things like comic stuff. He is emotionless, and also seeks certain principles stored in the memory bank by the creator. Armaan played Prateek alias Lucifer. He is a typical boy who loves video gaming a lot. He plays as Lucifer the game user. He is caring about the game and also wants to find out how his father died. Sonia is the role played by, Kareena kapoor. She looks good as family woman, but needs to emote a lot during certain scenes. Arjun rampal plays Ra.one of course during the later half, whereas first half is shared by, Tom Wu. Ra.One is a good villain character from the game which can transform itself, like anyone. But I thought that character was underdeveloped and needed a lot of depth. Rest others are well suited.


Performances are good. Great performance from Sharukh khan. Kareena kapoor is good in her role. Armaan did his job well. Arjun Rampal looked evil with his getup and eyes. Rest others are good.  Cameos by Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka chopra are just ok. They do not help much to the story.


Presentation is fantastic. The cinematography, camera work and also the CGI is excellent. Cars flying, lasers striking, slow motions all are perfectly taken, giving a Hollywood touch. It is not irritating like transformers , since the action scenes are very short enough to give the necessary tempo. Music is nice, and background score is good to suit the movie. Visual effects are nice and blended well with the ongoing sequences. Editing is required a lot in second half, as the story lost focus. Costumes are fine. Art department is good in its part. Rest others are fine.


Bottom line: Despite, the plot being undeniably crappy, Mr. Khan’s charisma and visual effects are undeniably the best to date, to set a new trend in Indian cinema. Kids will enjoy it and also certain adults who like visual effects.

 What is lacked? It lacked depth in screen writing. I give B+