The movie Wall-e is a fun, clever, and creative film for all ages with a great message. Wall-e is the newest creation from the minds of Disney Pixar the film takes place mostly in space on a spaceship with just a few scenes taking place on Earth.

Wall-e is a story about a small robot who’s all alone working on Earth crushing trash, the Earth has become unsuitable for anyone to live on so all day Wall-e crushes trash into little cubes that eventually have become the size of skyscrapers. One day while working a ship lands on Earth leaving a white unfamiliar robot this is the scene when the audience starts to root for Wall-e the two robots develop a connection after Wall-e present the new robot with a plant and  things start getting crazy.  Wall-e ends up following the robot to a ship where all of the humans are currently on. Eventually, Wall-e reconnects with the robot and order is restored.

There were many elements to this movie that I found interesting one was the humans living on the ship everyone looked the same; I thought it was interesting how the human race had devolved and how it took a small robot for the people to become award of some of the most basic emotions that make us human.  

There were also several scenes that simple used colors brilliantly one scene in-particular was the moment when the two robots are flying through space Wall-e has to use a fire extinguisher in order to fly, the color from the extinguisher was so simple, but so nice.

Finally, the moment that I enjoyed the most from the film was the message of the film that we as humans have one planet Earth and that it’s up to use to keep it clean in order to provide a clean future for generations to come and that we can do so by thowing away our trash in the proper place and continuing to plant tree as well as fruits and vegetables.

The film was a joy to watch I couldn’t help, but keep the grin on my face the whole way through, I would definitely recommend this film to anyone no matter what their age may be.