The long awaited sequel to one of the best vampire movies of the 20th century was released straight to DVD just a few weeks ago and honestly the film shouldn’t have ever been made with only one character returning from the original Lost Boys. (Edgar Frog played by Cory Feldman)

The story is about two kids, brother and sister who move to Malibu, CA after their parents die and they run out of money to live in a shack off the main property of their aunt’s house. The older brother Chris gets invited to a party by an old surfing competitor after explaining to his younger sister that he’s not going she begs him and the two end up going where she becomes only a half vampire. In order to save the sister the brother enlists the help of Edgar Frog; Chris then has to become a half vampire in order to save his sister before she makes her first kill. The brother finally, helps save the sister and all is well with the world.

There are some many elements that are wrong with this film, first in the character development more than half of the characters are not developed completely. The role that the females play in this film are simple eye candy if they’re not exposing there chest then they’re sleeping with strangers. The friends of the head vampire are plan ridiculous as they spend more time dismantling one anyone then do anything useful. The main character was a mess, in the film they state that the kid is suppose to be one of the best suffers in the world yet there is never a true shot where we see the kid surfing. Another problem with the film was the movie the first film was presided for the music while in this film the music was simple annoying and the modern track of “Cry little Sister” made my ears bleed it was so bad.  Another problem was the first three minutes of the movie the audience first taste of dialogue is seven to ten curse words. The only good thing about the film was a small part by the legendary Tom Savini. (From Dusk Till Dawn)(Dawn of the Dead)(Grindhouse)

This movie was a waste of time and was much more bloody and gory than the original. (which I didn’t have a problem with)I’m not trying to compare it to the original because there is no comparison.