Running an hour and forty minutes long, this movie stars Steve Austin, Robert Mammone and Victoria Mussett.  It is rated R for language and violence.

A new age reality show and man on a mission.  Convicts that were on their way to death row are instead on their way to an island to fight each other, to the death.  This is a grand reality show, expected to get millions of viewers, and the man behind the idea doesn’t care what happens to get the viewers, nor does he care who gets hurt.  The convicts are all dropped off, pushed to their fighting stances, to survive with bombs on their legs and nothing to defend themselves but their hands.  Steve Austin plays the hero, a military man in prison on charges that his government wouldn’t save him from.  A spook who tries to do his best to save those he can and stay alive.  He finds though that the game is rigged, and after several die, it is left between him and the big bad man who has a deal with the network guy.  The big bad killer, who finds his way into the movie room, who kills whoever is in his way.  Steve Austin has a choice to make, kill or be killed, and all while being videotaped and spread across the Internet.

An interesting movie this actually reminded me a lot of another movie that had been made a long time ago, that movie was The Running Man, a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger is a criminal who along with another few criminals must face off against big guys with guns and other toys, and they must survive.  The Condemned wasn’t as entertaining as The Running Man, but it did have an interesting plot.  The main thing that interested me was that the show was supposed to be a random show, but one bad guy was being helped along the entire time, which made it an unfair fight.  Plus I was interested in the fact that so many people logged on to watch people being killed, beaten, raped and set on fire.  It did make me wonder what would happen in todays world if a show like this were to make its way onto the Internet.

The ultimate Survivorwould be an interesting show, but the question this movie raises is how far are people willing to go for entertainment.  Would you watch someone get beaten?  Well the answer to that would be yes, since several beatings have made their way onto the Internet, and have proved to be very popular.  Would people watch just about anything put on the Internet?  I think yes.  While people in this movie found themselves disgusted by what was happening, especially to one female convict, they couldn’t pull themselves away.

The scenery of this movie was stunning, very Predatorin the jungle, and it added to the suspenseful feeling of the movie.  The ending was pretty predictable, but getting there was a ride since the viewer wasn’t exactly sure what character would be doing what action next, or who would be the victor in each fight. 

I recommend this movie because it says a lot about our society, and because it is fun, not too thoughtful or story driven.  If you are looking for something that has a lot of character development or story development I don’t recommend this movie, but I thought it was interesting.  I also recommend that you watch The Running Man.