Starring Will Smith as Hancock, Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey,  and Mary Ray’s wife played by Charlise Theron.  Hancock is the story of a one of a kind superhero who leads a less than clean lifestyle know for saving the day in a destructive manner. Hancock goes to prison based on the recommendation of his PR representative Ray Embrey after the crime rate goes threw the roof Hancock is called to save the day and is now a new man. The minute Hancock gets out of prison he has to take care of a bank robbery where the audience meets the main bad guy of the movie. At this point the movie seems to be a classic superhero movie where the good guy has found the right path and has to defeat the bad guy, but in this story their is a slight twist Hancock isn’t the only one of his kind. This is when the movie turned slightly sour for me for Mary is connected to Hancock; at first the audience is lead to believe that the two are brother and sister which is plain ridiculous evan for a movie. Finally,  the audience learns that the two are former lovers. The audience also learns that when the two are near one another that they are more susceptible to injury.

One small theme that I notice that I thought was a nice choice to go with was the symbol of the bold eagle an American symbol this tied nicely with the name of the main character John Hancock. Another theme that become more annoying as the movie went on was the different ways people would try to provoke Hancock and Mary what no one can just chicken anymore. I was also surprised by the music most of the music was older some songs were only a few years old while others were as much as 20 including “Colors” by Ice Tea.

I enjoyed this film despite some ideas here and there the comic relief moments were great and what happens to the bad guy in the end was perfect. I would recommend seeing this movie, but I do not feel this film is appropriate for kids under 13 as the film is rated PG-13.

3 thoughts on “Hancock”

  1. Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze… if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny

  2. I just saw this latest blockbuster from Will Smith, and i loved it up until the last thirty minutes, The always beautiful Charlize Theron plays Mary (rays wife) Jason Bateman plays ray, a PR who has a product that isn’t impressive to anyone, so he takes hancock in as his new project, Charlize seems to not like hancock from the start. It’s a funny film by Peter Berg, good superhero type movie, worth the money…

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