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All of the Lights: TRON: Legacy is a dazzler!

TRON: Legacy was a huge relief for me. Being a huge fan of the original film, I have been waiting patiently for a sequel to come along. Finally, Disney has delivered (through the mind of up-and-coming director Joseph Kosinski) a worthy successor to the 80s sci-fi classic. This new film follows Sam Flynn (Kevin’s kid, played by solid lead Garrett Hedlund) as he, after 20 years, finally re-connects with his father in The Grid, the cyber utopia his father helped create. There, Sam encounters not only his father, but CLU, a rouge program created by Kevin that now reigns over The Grid with an iron fist, and has a price over Kevin’s head. The plot, while at times a bit confusing, adds up like the first one did. Escape The Grid and destroy the evil program running it. This new outing into the Tron world is just as satisfying and fun as the first installment. Jeff Bridges stepping back into the shoes of Kevin Flynn and into the new shoes of villainous CLU just felt oh so right. Bridges’ maniacal performance as CLU was downright great. Hedlund did a decent enough job as Sam, as did Olivia Wilde (“House”), who played Quorra, Kevin Flynn’s protoge in The Grid. Michael Sheen, while being in a minor role, brings a fun, electrified performance as Castor, a hyped club owner. Even Bruce Boxleitner (TRON/Alan Bradley from the original) returns and does a great job. Kosinski’s direction was masterful, whether it be the jaw-dropping Game scenes or the final, epic sky battle, Kosinski truly has directed a passionate love letter to the original film. The film’s visuals are the year’s best, if not the past 10 year’s best. Daft Punk’s infectious score pounds its way through the film, and adds a level of intensity that further makes this film worth while. I will admit that, at times, the script got a tad bit weak with the dialogue, but honestly, I followed the plot pretty easily. Despite the lukewarm reception by critics, I highly recommend a viewing of this film. It’s fun, exciting, and at times, stunning. I find this installment on par with the original, and if things are like they should be, a sequel could be down the road. Also, there’s a great cameo at the beginning that further pushes the need for a sequel. Overall, Tron Legacy  is a big, loud piece of entertainment, and I loved every second of it.

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