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My Blueberry Nights DVD review

If you’re unfamiliar with Kar Wai Wong’s style and haven’t seen any of his pictures yet, his first English language film My Blueberry Nights isn’t a bad way to start a rental frenzy and get to know his style. His previous films include As Tears Go By, Days of Being Wild, Fallen Angels, In the Mood for Love, and Happy Together.

Elizabeth (Norah Jones) has had a bad night. She found out her boyfriend is cheating on her, got mugged on the subway, and has trouble getting a car (or even a cab for that matter). But thankfully the generous owner of a diner in New York is happy to comfort her. Still empty with sorrow, Elizabeth journeys across country to find a path to follow unaware that the rightful path is guided by blueberry pies.

The great cast certainly shows a stupendous amount of charisma and becomes the needed component for the interesting script and romantic energy to be lifted beyond boundaries. Unlike most romantic films, this one has such a distinguished chemistry between Jude Law and Norah Jones that (despite from being distant throughout the second act) provide a sort of dignity when finally reunited. It’s an elegant, pure, and stylish portrait of a woman suffering from a broken heart and a man whose life is solely dedicated to baking blueberry pies to flourish his love for her. It’s one of the years better films.

The score is so moving and the cinematography is so spectacular that I can almost guarantee a nomination in one of the two categories come Oscar time. It’s a film that lavishes itself with beauty and romance (a seemingly perfect combination) and then even provides an insight on life and the meaning of true love. Lets not go without saying it does have its flaws, most notably an uneven pace. There are moments of straining heartbreak, sudden acts of violence, and touching romance. With all this melodrama intact, it still manages to get specific points through and looks beautiful doing so.

It has the look and feel of an independent film (The constant use of slow motion, the unique style of camera work, and the occasional insight of the number of days Elizabeth has been looking for true meaning to life) and uses this to its full effect to nourish an interesting story. I like it about as much as I like blueberry pie. And you know what, I happen to like blueberry pie. Be sure to pick up a DVD copy when available in stores July, 1st. The special features include Making My Blueberry Nights, Still Gallery, Q&A With Director Wong Kar Wai and a Theatrical Trailer. 4.5/5 stars

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