Mamma Mia! Movie Poster 

What Your In For: Based on a compilation of hit songs from the 70s iconic pop sensation band,ABBA from Sweden, a classic tale of summer romance and relationship bonds tells of a young girl as she attempts to find out who her real father is by inviting her mother’s three former suitors to her wedding.

The Actors: Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski and Dominic Cooper

The Director: Phyllida Llyod

On An Added Note: Just like the hit Broadway and West End musical, be prepared to get on your feet and start dancing to all the catchy numbers throughout the movie. Or the very least, sing along and aloud to them.

DVD Features: The DVD offers the usual cast interviews, a comprehensive behind-the-scenes footage, a sing-a-long version, deleted scenes,bloopers and more.

It’s OK To Know Nuts About Mamma Mia!

The last time I saw a stunningly made movie musical adapted from a Broadway show was “The Phantom of the Opera”. Comparitively, “Phantom”,a tragic love story of envy and heartbreak is the total opposite of what “Mamma Mia!” is all about. Imagine the dark settings of the “Phantom” movie replaced with the felicity of sunshine and the joyous rhythm of happy melodies made more magical by the Grecian backdrop. Now, authenticate it by making each ABBA song draw relative meaning to each scene and voila, you have Mamma Mia! Basically, this tale has so smartly incorporated songs into a story’s plot. As an ABBA fan, I already know how most of their songs breathe so much meaning and it is largely thanks to that which came round to the birth of the world’s all-time favorite sing-a-long musical. So, in this clever story which fortunately for ABBA never tires (they receive royalties each time their songs are played) follows a young bride on an impetous decision to unite her mother and her real father on her wedding day but as she does so, she does not picture a disastrous end in sight.

Meryl In Mamma Mia Not Such A Bad Idea

When it first hits you that Meryl Streep is in “Mamma Mia!”, you begin to question if this movie could really have been that good. Not to offend Meryl’s acting, you just cannot believe how someone who is so akin to acting in roles that demand seriousness (think aggresive convent nun in Doubt) or a ‘love-to-hate’ personality (think Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada”), could possibly have been casted in such a role. Well, prepared to be wrong because Meryl Streep shelfs out a great impression of Donna Sheridan, a clueless mother who falls into and unlikely situation, unbeknownst to her that her own daughter was the mastermind behind it.

Boredom Is Never Alive In A Mamma Mia! Show

One thing that never ceases in any musical would be the actors’ sudden breaking into songs once between scenes. In the case of “Mamma Mia!”, it doesn’t really become more of an annoyance than it does in some musicals. It’s actually more relaxing and exciting because each song is deeply meaningful and debates the facts of life and love which the audience can relate to. We have a song in a scene at the beginning where the female cast march (literally) to ‘Money,Money,Money’, talking about how Donna who has to restore her little Grecian villa in time for her daughter’s wedding but is lacking of funds.  The story shifts very quickly with each song. Next, we hear a song about reminiscence in “Our Last Summer”, on a boat where Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) listens to her three possible fathers recount the old times they had with Donna. Then, a scene of sorrow as a mother remembers her daughter as a child and sings of how fast she has grown in “Slipping Through My Fingers”.

One For Family, One For Everybody

You go into this movie with nothing to lose. There is sure to be laughter and heartfelt moments. “Mamma Mia!” offers an array of advice captured in songs. It is definitely great for a family DVD weekend and it is made all the more memorable by it’s enthusiastic cast who complement each other entirely.

The Perfect Career Trajectory

Both the newcomers like Seyfriend and Cooper have played their roles out extensively, sometimes bettering the ones onstage. Seyfried who was better known in her role as a bimbotic blonde in “Mean Girls” has turned the tables now with her performance here. It isn’t surprising that her versatility as shown in this movie will get her more roles in the near future (she will soon be seen in Diablo Cody’s “Jennifer’s Body” alongside Megan Fox). This movie has definitely given good exposure to them as both have been able to work with their more established co-stars.

To Buy The DVD Or Not?

This is a question that needs no answer. Even if you have already seen it onstage and still harbor the same idea that the movie is incomparable to the Broadway or West End versions, note that a DVD means you can watch “Mamma Mia!” over and over again!