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Author: Tubs

“The Bridge”

As one savior of a suicide attempter said in the film, being in such a situation is as if you are in a separate, detached world when looking at the real one from behind the lens of a camera. “It’s like the nature photographer,...

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The 11th Hour

Leave it to America, a place where it is never too late to unite for a good cause, to rally behind the rich and famous when dealing with such a vital issue as the self-destructive path we have so desperately clung to for nearly...

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“M”Arked Man

The examination of Fritz Lang and his work can be traditionally presented as a collection of distraught human beings in extraordinary circumstances. In the operatic Metropolis (1927), the protagonist is coaxed into becoming a...

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Rocket Science

In Jeffrey Blitz’s exceptionally quirky debut narrative feature “Rocket Science,” (2007) many themes arise in similarity to the director’s earlier documentary effort “Spellbound” (2002). The films can be seen as companion pieces...

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