Author: PhilmClips

Born in Washington DC, I've pretty much lived here all my life. I love the Capital but sometimes wish the Capital loved me back. I've been involved with some aspect of film since I was about five years old and my love for the industry expanded when I decided to try my luck in New York and entered the Herbert Burgoff studios as an actor to be. I learned, discerned, but found acting wasn't for me. Ironically enough i was casted as an extra in John Water's "Crybaby" and later in Barry Levinson's "Avalon". It was during "Avalon" that I felt an overwhelming awe about the entire film production process and decided that a behind-the-camera approach was more for me. Heading back to New York, I entered in the New York Film Academy to learn more about filmmaking through their intensive workshop programs. LOVED IT! My final project was a 1:20 "pepsi commercial", a choice I made that I felt would bring a refreshing moment in the final screenings offered at the end of our semester. Lo and behold I was offered a position with STEFFI Films in Athen's Greece through a contact in BBDO WorldWide, an advertising agency that holds the Pepsi products accounts as well as M&M, and Nike. I worked as a second assistant director, and eventually climbed the ranks as the only "American" director on the company's roster. I've worked on campaigns which include Pepsi, M&M, and several other high profile Greek products. Even though initially i hadn't intended my film schooling to take me down the advertising path...I fell in love with it. I Found, like any movie, commercials have a beginning, a middle, and an end, and offer an extra challenge; timing. Eventually I came back to the United States and watched my son, Constantine, being born. It was the greatest moment in the world for me and my decision to stay in the United States is of no regret. But now he is 13 years old, our relationship is tight, and my decision to be a full time dad, I feel, paid off. It is now time for me to further pursue my calling...storytelling. I offer a refreshing perspective on life, irony, and even cynicism. Growing up in a Greek family and living in the United States has given me the best of both worlds and I try to incorporate my lucky disposition into my thoughts, stories, characters, and premise. I love to travel but never in vain. Learning about different cultures and different ways of life can only heighten my ability to tell a story. Visit my Facebook site...PhilmClips Movie Reviews and tell me what you think. Thanks. Philip Marinakos PhilmClips.