Author: Neetole Mitra

I'm a lost soul who enjoys everything and nothing. I have wandered about for quite some time and have currently landed here. I am serious Film Enthusiast from India. Have studies film making and will be mostly dissecting Indian Cinema on this portal. Hope this is what my calling is. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communications Diploma in Film & T.V. Production (Specialised in Direction & Scriptwriting) 2011 Delhi University, Gargi College B.A English (H) 2009 Bluebells International School XII CBSE 2006 WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working in ET Media Labs as a Copy Writer and Visualizer |Since June, 2012| Interned as a Copywriter in Ogilvy & Mather |From February, 2012 to May, 2012| Worked for clients like Max New York Health Insurance,,, YS group of Institutes, Rigo Clothings and AIMT, Lucknow. WORK RESPONSIBILITIES: ? Maintaining engagement on all our social media platforms. ? Researching and strategizing to improve engagement. ? Planning and executing campaigns for different occasions and demands of clients. ? Making presentations and proposals for prospective clients. ? Writing occasional blog posts. ? Handling client communication for overall creative process. ACADEMIC PROJECTS: ? Short Fiction Film: o Adaptation of a Ruskin Bond Short Story; thematically exploring Nostalgia and Urbanisation o Screenplay, Casting, Direction and Editing o 17 minute film shot in an outside location using Canon 5D Mark II in a budget of 37,000 ? Short Documentary: o Exploring Power Politics in Relationships o Script, Direction and Camera o 17 minute Documentary shot in 3 indoor locations using a PD-177 OTHER ACHIEVMENTS: ? I was invited by Culture Unplugged to participate in the Film Festival “We Speak, Here” with my short documentary “Because”. ? Participated and Won various music competitions while in school; experience of studio recording (including AIR India, New Delhi) ? Awarded 3rd Prize in Paper Presentation on “Adapting Literature to Screen: Ray on Tagore” during Literary Festival (Literatti) in 2008. ? Distinguished Volunteering in XIX International Association for Volunteering Effort’s World Volunteer Conference on Volunteering for Peace in Multicultural Societies organized by UN Volunteers, PIDT and IAVE INTERESTS: Reading, Travelling, Cinema, Music, Writing & Blogging (