Author: MikeHanks

I'm a 24 year old currently living in Manchester, UK. I am a graduate of the University of Cambridge, where I read Archaeology and Anthropology. I followed this up by studying for an MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour at University College London. My passion for film began as the youngest of three children, watching the movies that we would rent from our local Premier Film store. The store was conveniently (and rather serenely, it seemed to me at the time) located a short distance away, sitting on the opposite side of the woods behind our house. We became such good customers that the proprietors would give us the movie posters of the children's films when they were finished with them. Though snippets of various films linger in my memory from far back (including a strange introduction to "Gremlins"), my first real wow moment came upon my introduction to "Return of the Jedi" at the age of 3 in late 1989. Though unable to read at the time, making the scenes in Jabba's Palace mostly guess-work, and having no conception at all that this was the third film in a trilogy, I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen. The bizarre array of weird and wonderful creatures and the uncontrollable excitement rushing through my chest as Lando barely escaped the destruction of the Death Star left me breathless. I proceeded to watch the film at every opportunity and it still has a warm place in my heart (in spite of the fact that it is my least favourite of the original trilogy today). Today I am a self-confessed DVD-addict, with a collection of over 400 films gradually amassing. I also make the most of a well-worn Lovefilm subscription, with over 1,000 films on my list. The more films I see, the more I realise just how limited my exposure to the movie world really is, and it is my firm desire to keep expanding the scope of this perception with each passing day. September proved to be a decent month for film, with 18 films seen for the first time. Best of the bunch: Into the Wild (2007), Kick-Ass (2010) and Heat and Dust (1983). Worst of the bunch: Hitler: My Part In His Downfall (1972)