Author: literarydormouse

I'm 22, an English Literature university student with about two months left before I have to join the working world and become a real person. So if you happen to have a job going be sure to give it to me. Previously studied film, studying in Bristol, United Kingdom, The World, The Universe. I enjoy blogging; the website of which can be found on here, working as a sub-editor, love movies of many genres, enjoy discussing them vehemently and write the odd review for some low level publications. Couldn't tell you my favourite movies there's too many, I would even struggle with directors but I'd say for now they'd be: David Fincher, David Lynch, Sidney Lumet, Michael Bay (just kidding), Roman Polanski, Stanley Kuberick, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Billy Wilder, Sergio Leone, Federico Fellini, Ridley Scott, Blake Edwards, Michael Mann, Woody Allen,...I'm going to stop now as there are too many and I'm getting angry at myself for leaving them out.