Author: LadyGray

LadyGray is a Self Published Author. Her poetic opuses published in Anthologies (1990’s) paved way for her first book (2006) titled WHITE HOLLY (literature). Vermont rural living and her daughters birth story were her inspiration in the re-telling orignal tale of St. Nick. LadyGray creates all genres of storytelling, horror her foremost love. While attending E.A. Poe school (at 13), she began reading of Poe's work, becoming her inspiration. A teen in the slasher film innovation era and her fascination in medieval history; altogether interweave for an original macabre book upcoming release in 2011. LadyGray's other passion is the movie theatre experience and has been an avid theatre attendee for over 30 years. Venturing into the Film Review realm, LadyGray is excited to bring her vast film knowledge and writing to the critic world. "Escaping into the theatre (or at home with a DVD), with your favorite snacks, catching a peep at upcoming films, and finally when the lights dim, one can envelope the magical experience of movie making."