Author: KidIvy

Hello Fellow Movie Critics! My name is Angelique Covello and I am a student at Schiller University currently studying for a degree in International Business. Upon completion, I intend to further my education by attending a Fine Arts Institute and pursue a program in Cinematography. My ultimate goal is to achieve a career in the Major Motion Picture Industry as a Director; and to share my creative insights with the world through the captivating media of film. I have been told several times throughout my life that I could make a box office smash out of the path I’ve trudged. So to make light of this, I am currently in the process of writing my life story, which upon completion I will share with the world. However, having lived the life I have, it has opened my mind to the many walks of lives out there and has blessed me with an abundance of knowledge and a powerfully creative outlook on the challenges of everyday life. When I become a director, I fully intend on opening the eyes of the world, through all genres of film, on subjects that have yet to be touched. Until then, I plan on doing my homework by reviewing what my future peers have to bring to the table. Happy Critiquing!