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Rhyming Review For ‘Argo’

‘Argo’ is a suspense thriller about the hostage crisis that started in 1979 in Iran
It shows how the CIA rescued a group of Americans with a daring and unusual plan

The situation started when the country of Iran found itself with a new leader in place
They took many Americans hostage but six escaped and found a secure hiding space

These people hid with the Canadian Ambassador until one man came their way
He was an agent of the CIA and came up with a creative idea that he put in play

He created a movie production company that planned a fake film they would make
He would go to Iran as the producer, and upon leaving, these folks he would take

It was a risky move as they had to fool the government and military to get out alive
All the details would need to check out otherwise they weren’t likely to survive

Ben Affleck stars and directs and shows that behind the camera he’s becoming a star
Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin, in supporting roles, really raise the bar

With outstanding performances and bits of comedy, this very good film is one to see
Thrilling and suspenseful from start to end, this gets a big recommendation from me

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