The summer was full of blockbuster titles from the epic harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 to the rebellious rise of the those poor dirty apes (rise of the planet of the apes) , but few interested me as much as cowboys and aliens. The title is simple and tells you what you are going to get out of the film – a tough cowboy fighting tough aliens in an insane genre mash up but does it work or is it as silly as the title sounds?Other than the title the main thing that attracted me to the film was James Bond himself – Daniel Craig teaming up with legendary Indiana Jones to take on the extraterrestrial exterminators with their gang of bandits. The film also stars Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell and is directed by Iron Man 1 and 2 director Jon Favreau. The title is also based on the hit graphic novel written by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.The action begins in 19th century Arizona with a mysterious stranger (played by Daniel Craig) awakening in the desert with a futuristic metal brace around his hand a gaping wound on his side. We soon find out his name is Jake Lonergan who is suffering from serious amnesia. Jake stumbles into the town of Absolution in the New Mexico territory run by Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford). Jake is greeted with hostility and finds out he’s a wanted man and is going to jail thanks to woodrow, until a group of UFO’s demolish the town and take multiple members of the town with them. So its up to Jake and Woodrow to put their differences aside and save the day.Daniel Craig showed he’s more than James Bond with a solid performance as cowboy Jake and Harrison Ford is as entertaining as ever as the moody Woodbrow. Olivia Wilde proved she is more than a pretty face with a surprisingly good performance as the mysterious traveller Ella Swenson.The action in the film is not as much as you would expect in a rare sci-fi  western such as this. The film also has pacing problems when trying to fit a compelling character driven drama into an expected full on action flick all in less than two hours. The film does have its good spells and when it brings the action it brings it with a bang particularly in the closing half hour. The aliens in the film looked fantastic and very unique to past interpretations. Every time they were on screen they brought a chilling atmosphere not scene in a sci-fi film since Ridley Scott’s Alien which was a huge positive for the film.The annoying thing about Cowboys And Aliens is that it doesn’t know whether to be a sci-fi film or an old school western and has an uneven mix of both. Overall the film is a hit and miss  but with solid acting, a decent story and a brilliant climax the film makes for an enjoyable but flawed summer blockbuster.