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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes back to fight an evil doing in school. The trio Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have another adventure in Hogwarts. This fantasy movie will take you on a wild ride.

An evil has plagued the school of its students. It is up to Harry and his friends to find out who is plotting these evil schemes. Harry finds himself facing the idiotic but handsome Gilderoy Lockhart, Defense Aganist the Dark Arts teacher. Snape has yet to prove that he is still watching Harry for the “good” against Lord Voldemort. The funniest scenes are where Ron says, “Why follow the spiders, why not foloow the butterflies.” Harry and Ron without Hermione’s help get themselves into a mess when they take Hagrid’s advice. Harry soon finds the meaning of the Chamber of Secrets when he learns of his ability to speak Parseltounge (snake language) to open the Chamber. Harry finds himself in a position where his friends are for him.

The director made it flow all together. The scenes were not choppy and went into parts. For example, the movie followed the books overall in the beginning where Harry is in his aunts and uncles house and then he gets svaed by his friend Ron Weasley. Overall, the scenes had a great flow through them.

If this movie was not great I would not have watched it 500 times. Yes I counted, I wasted my freshman summer watching Harry Potter and having my mom yell at me to get off. This movie had twists and turns and you can follow Harry through his adventures. I think Daniel Radcliffe will continue to grow more and more.

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