Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian stars William Moseley and Ben Barnes in another fantasy sequel to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  This fantasy film takes you on a ride of your life.

The story starts out in Narnia when a child is born and Prince Caspian leaves before he is killed by his greedy uncle who wants to take over the throne. His mentore gives him a horn in which he blows before going into darkness. The four Pensieve children are waiting to go to their new home in England when the train roles by and explodes leaving them to enter the world of Narnia. Little do they know a war is stirring in Narnia against Narnians and Telmarines.

The direction of the film had a funny aspect to it. For example, jokes were made when Caspian encounters a talking badger. The badger replies, “What you’ve never seena¬† badger before?” Caspian is shocked to find that badgers could talk.

The movie itself was had the two actors competing against each other. For example, hot headed Peter wanted to lead everyone into battle while Caspian suggested that they wait to strategize. Peter looses his cool and draws his sword out. When all goes wrong for Peter; he tries to blame Caspian and the two end up sword fighting. Aslan (the Lion) was meant to represent Jesus Christ. The bibliogical aspect made it seem a tad boring but was picked up when the fighting scenes came on.

Overall, this movie is funny and dark and quite exciting when you have two hot actors battling it out for the attention. The four small children no longer small will be the next big hit after Harry Potter series.