Knocked Up

Judd Apatow’s latest hit entered upon the scene with a bang. Brilliantly scripted scenes bring on a fresh blend of raunchy male humor and (sometimes raunchier) sensitive female humor.

Seth Rogan plays Ben Stone, a hopelessly immature young man who has done nothing with his life, save have as much fun as he can. When he and his buddies, all as immature as he is, go out to a club, fate intervenes and introduces Ben to beautiful Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an up-and-coming entertainment reporter for E! entertainment channel. A night of drunken sex leaves Ben feeling brushed off and Alison feeling like she made a mistake. Eight weeks later, Alison realizes she’s pregnant. This movie introduces the viewers into the difficult prospect of an unwanted pregnancy; however, clever writing and even better acting make this movie as hilarious as ever.

This new hit managed to entice both male and female, old and young to attend viewings, with nothing but stellar reviews. Be warned, however; strong language and plenty of drug use make this a strictly adult movie. Those with sensitive dispositions should watch a more friendly film. What can one say but “He’s done it again!”

Will Raymund

4 thoughts on “Knocked Up”

  1. Good review. A little to short though. I would recommend this film over Apatow’s latest hit “Superbad”. Being a fan of “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Knocked Up” wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be so it fails on that part. Compared to “Superbad”, “Knocked up” is hilarious. I would give it 2.5/5

  2. I’ll agree with Derek; this film is not as funny as some others in Apatow’s repertoire. However, I noticed in your – agreeably short – review that you don’t seem to particularly like women. That said, I agree that this film is definitely for audiences in their 20’s and up. Kids just aren’t going to get it and it isn’t appropriate for them anyway.

    A very funny film, and the realism to this part of life is really what makes it funny.

  3. Knocked Up is a classic because it does not indulge in cheap humor. It is not a comedy that is funny because it takes advantage of someone else. What makes it so great is that it shows what relationships are really like. You can’t watch the movie without identifying with one, and sometimes several, characters. It’s about who we are, and it’s about the inherent humor that comes with life today.
    People don’t think it was as funny as 40-Year-Old-Virgin because they just wanted to see the same thing again. This movie is about love, and it hits you in a different place. I would say they are equally funny because they are incomparable.
    And, Superbad was hilarious, it wasn’t a Judd Apatow movie, it was a Seth Rogen movie, and it was hilarious.

  4. Mr. Glasses – you’re so right. I think we all could identify with these well-written and well-developed characters. This movie had a lot of jokes, but it had more than that. It had us laughing at ourselves.

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