In 1984 a film was released that had special effects that audiences had never seen before in Terminator 2 the effects went above and beyond anything we thought possible. The 1991 James Cameron masterpiece is a heart pumping adrenaline rush with a well thought out story and plenty of action packed scenes.

The story is about a young boy(Edward Furlong) who is destined to be the best military soldier in the world.  His mother does everything in her power to keep him safe till she ends up in a hospital she breaks out only to find that the man who tried to kill her the terminator is now hanging out with her son. What Sara Conner ( Hamilton) doesn’t know is that the terminator that tried to kill her ( Schwarzenegger) is now the good one and that there is another terminator (Robert Patrick) who is trying to kill all of them.  In the end there mission is accomplished and they have destroyed everything harmful to them and in one of the saddest ending both terminators must die.

Some unforgettable scenes from the movie include  the opener when Arnold enters a bar after having just arrived completely naked and finds a man who has the same size cloths; while George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” is playing the background. Another great scene is with Sara (Hamilton) shooting a gun while cocking it in the air.   

This film was nominated for 6 Oscars and won 4 for sound and special effects. The scenes with the evil terminator are some of the most eye catching scene  still to this day. Even the car crashes stand the test as some of the best.

Another wonderful element to this film are the moments of comic relive which have become a part of American pop culture and are some of the most unforgettable phase in cinema. “Hasta Lavista Baby” and “I’ll be Back” nearly 20 years after the films release and they can still be heard today.

This movie is fun, exciting, thrilling film, there is never a dull moment and if you haven’t seen this movie in a while do yourself a favor and watch it.