Imagine having two brothers whose mission is  to reek havoc in New York City and you’re the one sent by your father The Devil (Harvey Keitel) to bring them back. While having a talking dog named Beefy as your guide; a dog that shots thing out of his backside while drinking beer.  There’s one problem you lack the evil side your brothers possess because your mother is an angel. That’s the problem that Nicky (Adam Sandler) faces in this rude, poorly acted,  often not funny comedy. 

The film has a sea of cameos from many of Sandler’s friends everyone from the late Rodney Dangerfield, to John Lovitz, to Dana Carvey, even Quentin Tarantino; unfortunately all of these cameos do not help the film and only cause insulting, rude and often offensive dialogue. Perhaps one of the worst acting attempts comes from Patricia Arquette playing the girlfriend Valerie who falls in love with Nicky while he’s on earth.  In the end Nicky saves his father and restores order and The Devil shows a soft side by sending Nicky back to earth to be with Valerie and start a family. “You take care of the middle.” (Keitel)

Some examples of what made this film so rude are the characters played by John Lovitz and Kevin Neilen. John Lovitz dies from falling out a tree while being a peeping Tom while Neilen has breast put on his head where at one point he puts a bra on them. Both characters and completely unnecessary and do nothing for the story.  Another example of how rude and offensive this movie can be is the religious factor. Quentin Tarantino plays a holy man who ends up dying in a fire his crass dialogue is enough to make one cringe.

If you haven’t seen this film don’t bother you’re not missing much and you’ll save some brain cells in the process.