Prom Night

“Prom Night” stars Brittany Snow, an uprising actress who’s more commonly known for her side role in “Hairspray”. It features the directorial debut for Nelson McCormick who previously directed TV shows that include Nip Tuck and The Closer.

A night of magic turns into a nightmare for a senior traumatized by the brutal killing of her family (Brittany Snow). The sadistic killer gets put in the mental institution, but escapes in search of the one person he wanted the most. It happens on a night that every teenager should remember for the rest of their life and Donna is guaranteed to remember this one.

Let me first start by saying this wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was worse. The character development was weak (what were their names?) and frankly I didn’t care whether or not these people were slaughtered. Like most teen-friendly slasher flicks, it relies entirely on cheap scares and poorly structured jolts. The kind where the camera slowly sneaks up on a character, only to find out that there is nothing there. What is suppose to leave you in a state of uncertainty and anxiety are the around the corner attacks that are nowhere near satisfying. It’s just another hauntingly familiar addition to the teen slasher genre. Nothing original or new. It’s just the same old cliched stuff.

With subliminal acting, poor production, and a Made-For-TV script, this film has no qualities worth crowning. Brittany Snow can’t carry this movie through it’s short 88min running time with the horrible acting she displays in “Prom Night”. There is no way a timid actress like herself can boost into a mainstream career with tired material like this. There isn’t a sliver of suspense here. A couple moments of just decent acting can be found if you look closely. Not from Brittany Snow, but from Dana Davis who obviously should have been the lead actress.

In the end, this modern retrend of the old school 80’s slasher flick that goes by the same name is just another tired attempt at remaking a classic horror movie. If there is any talent, it was lost during production time. Everything, down to the trite and amateurish script, is irrational and poorly set-up. Don’t spend you time and please don’t spend your money on this soon-to-be-forgotten night.

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