THE RIVER MURDERS amazed me. I came across this title quite by chance when I was researching Ray Liotta in IDENTITY. Fascinated by his work this movie seems quite tempting and the title had a certain element of eerie chill into it. Although it is a hunt for a serial killer who is on the move, THE RIVER MURDERS brings in a biblical connotation to its plot. Although the biblical implication is not well conveyed through the climax of the thriller, the social impact that drives a sane man into being a serial killer as John Lee (Michael Rodrick) is an appropriate theme that needs discussion. Although I entirely disagree with how the movie end. Why? The answer is quite a simple one.  An incident of the past drives a child into a certain psychological state that manifests into a greater issue with maturity. This child who becomes a serial killer is then later the criminal. Why is it that those who did the wrong deed at first are not being questioned? Should they not be equally responsible for the outcome of their actions? There is quite a significant depth to the theme discussed in this production, however it is poorly executed. In terms of potential it’s exuberant; in terms of execution and presentation it lacks certain finesse. 

This movie is clearly not for those who buy there movie tickets by looking at the celebrities on the poster or for those who search for a teaser trailer that has cost as much as the entire production itself. If you have enjoyed the following movies, I am certain you will appreciate this. TRUST, THE WAY BACK, SCHINDLERS LIST, THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN are a few movies right from the tip of my tongue. If you have watched and noted any of the following titles it is most certain, that this production is a good choice on a slow weekend. 

One may question why I have not mentioned what this heated theme is, the answer is simple, the theme on its own creates the thriller and the suspense, hence for the benefit of those who will show interest in the movie it will not be discussed. 

Detective Jack is a suspect in a murder, since he has a history of sexual relations with the victim. Detective Jack who is married for the past8-9 years is requested by Captain Langley to surrender his badge and gun until his name has been cleared by the authorities. Meanwhile Agent Vuckovitch of the FBI who is trailing the serial killer comes into town in pursuit only to find out that every single victim seem to have had sexual relations with Detective Jack during some point of their lives. What the authorities are unable to find out is if all this is coincidental or if all this is a well-crafted killing spree targeting all ex companions of Detective Jack? If it is a well-crafted killing spree would it put Detective Jacks wife Ana in danger? How will a detective who is suspended off the force pending clearance for the murders protect his wife? Will he be reinstated in time? Will the arrogance of the FBI result in the death of Ana? 

Title: The River Murders

Directed by: Rich Cowan

Starring: Ray Liotta, Christian Slater, Ving Rhames , Gisele Fraga, Sarah Ann Schultz& Michael Rodrick

Rated: R

Rating: 06/10