Spider-Man 3

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church

Well, the long-awaited sequel to the Spider-Man saga has finally arrived.  Sad to say, I could’ve waited for DVD for this one.  I don’t know… it was ok, but they made a lot of the same mistakes all the past comic-book hero movie franchises have made.  They tried to fit too much into one movie!  Too much story…. Too many characters, both old and new…leading to too many plot lines for our fragile minds to handle, and too much time spent on character development, leading to too long of a movie for those same fragile minds!  Ha!  I knew it was going to be kind of crappy when in the beginning credits, they were showing flashback scenes of past movie moments, like it was some kind of reunion movie or something.  I actually said out loud during the intro, “Is this a TV series startup, or what?”  I mean… it looked like the beginning of ‘Remington Steele’, or ‘Riptide‘, or something.  Then, they introduced not one, not two, but three new villains!! They brought back one old one! (that makes four villains for those who are counting).  They also brought in another possible love interest, to make MJ jealous, and on top of that they spent a considerable amount of time delving deeper into the Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Peter Parker’s Aunt/Uncle’s characters. There was waaaaaaayyy too much
character development in this film.  They should’ve left sandman out of it, and perhaps even left Venom’s demise for another day(spoilers, sorry!).  The effects, as usual, were breathtaking!  I mean, they really did a good job with some of the fight scenes.  The web-slinging parts where Spider-Man was using his web-slinging to pull himself around objects while in flight, was awesome!  I think it’s worth seeing it on the big screen for the effects, but the story could wait for DVD.  I also thought they may have given us a hint of what’s going to happen in the next one, should there be a next one.  The scientist friend of his, Dr. Connor, whom we all know in the comics turns into the Lizard Man, is probably going to be that villain in the next one, and perhaps the goo sample off of venom will have a role in that, who knows?   I did think, by the way, that the backstory with the Green Goblin’s son, Harry, worked.  Glad something did.  I give this movie three out of five stars (but for the hype and the money, it should’ve been five!)

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  1. I completely agree with you ArizonaHoosier, it all felt too cluttered. The hubristic growth of Peter Parker/Spider-man was an interesting theme and similarly to you I enjoyed the Harry backplot. But squeezing Sandman and Vemon around this diluted the story and if anything made it worse.
    It felt more like an end-of-season finale on TV with the amount of main characters involved!
    However, this Spider-man trilogy was on the whole great, and thoroughly enjoyable. Lets just hope the upcoming reboot, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is just as good with Marc Webb at the helm.

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