Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action Rhyming Review For ‘Skyfall’

Rhyming Review For ‘Skyfall’

In ‘Skyfall’, Daniel Craig is back to give the James Bond character another go
It’s officially the 23rd Bond film and it’s the 50th Anniversary since ‘Dr. No’

This one has a simple story and introduces some new twists and turns
It lacks hi-tech gadgets and exotic locales as those elements this one spurns

Like all Bond films there’s a villain and revenge on MI-6 is what he sets out to get
He’s played by Javier Bardem as a mean and creepy ex-agent out to settle a debt

Some things about the Bond character are learned as there is some backstory told
It introduces new ways to do things as characters comment on the stale ways of old

In a nice touch the film also recognizes some classic Bond elements from the past
There are subtle references to old films and there’s a famous car that goes very fast

It also has M getting involved in the action and Judi Dench again reprises this role
As an action-packed thriller with a good story, ‘Skyfall’ does succeed in this goal

With great cinematography and character development it’s a Bond film for a new day
It’s dark and more serious than other Bond films but, yes it’s worth seeing, I do say

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