Set in the 13th century, a small group of chosen Knights Templar lead by Marshal (James Purefoy), must defend the Rochester Castle and fight for a country’s freedom, from the advancing mercenary army of the tyrannical King John (Paul Giamatti), who after being forced into signing the Magna Carta treaty, is out to reclaim his throne.

“Ironclad” is a semi-fictional action film directed by Jonathan English. The film chronicles the historic signing of the Magna Carta, also known as “The Great Charter”, a document that granted equal rights to all Englishmen and saw its signatory, King John lose his reign and power.

The film stars a notable cast in James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Kate Mara, and the always entertaining Paul Giamatti, who plays the brutal King John. I thought Paul Giamatti made for an excellent King John, and the rest of the cast were good as well.

Defend the castle, kill the king, and save a nation. That is exactly the plot of this action packed medieval piece. Its actually not bad a film from what I’ve been hearing. It is quite enjoyable with a decent amount of brutality. The camera work is often shaky, especially in a lot of the brutal action scenes, making it hard to catch the savagery as blood spurts splash all over the camera lens. This looked like a pretty high budget film, and the overall production was excellent. The pace on which the story unfolds is a bit repetitive though and could easily bore anyone who doesn’t have the liking for a plot as such.